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0006532 [Squeak] ST80 minor always 06-07-07 06:53 07-03-09 00:24
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Summary 0006532: Found bug when using Spline example
Description After typing 'Spline example' and then clicking 'do it' I begin to set points on the workspace by left clicking. Once I am satisfied with the location of these points I click a diffrent mouse button to draw a path along these points and as soon as the path is drawn it disappears. Sometimes not only will the spline disappear but the expression as well leaving a blank workspace and sometimes I will only lay down a couple of dots before everything vanishes again. An interesting thing is that if I hold down the mouse button(either second or third doesn't matter) the spline will remain on the workspace but as soon as I release the button the spline vanishes. I am using an Intel Imac and a mighty mouse. I thought that maybe the mouse was dodgy so I downloaded a Windows version for my laptop which is running XP and uses an A-Link optical mouse but the problem is identical which seems to rule out any problem with operating system ports or mouse glitches.
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Additional Information I would love to use Squeak and Croquet to write and share educational software.
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06-07-07 17:20

I think you are misunderstanding this example. Note first of all that this is quite old code and probably pre-dates Morphic. This example interacts with the mouse and display to allow you to specify a Spline, but it does not create a visible object (Morph) for it. It simply draws to the display in what would now, I think, be considered a somewhat hackish manner. The result is that any update to the display will erase part or all of the drawn spline. You may want to look at PolygonMorph.
(0010799 - 93 - 93 - 93 - 93 - 93 - 93)
06-11-07 23:45

Not a real bug. Spline is a somewhat obsolete class and problem was with example code anyway.
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07-03-09 00:24

example code misunderstood, no bug to fix

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