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1231 Morphic major sometimes 05-19-05 23:04 02-24-06 22:45
closed 3.8  
unable to reproduce  
none 3.9  
0001231: Resize window (eg workspace) makes scrollbar size and placement very incorrect
Every so often when I resize a window such as a workspace the scrollbar will do something odd with its bounds.

Most often the effect is that it becomes very, very, wide but today it split off the upper scrollbutton and moved it above and right of the outside of the window. A bit more resizing resulted in the mess shown in the attached file.
Squeak 3.8-6662 Also seen a few times in earlier update levels.
 Picture1.pdf [^] (309,500 bytes) 05-19-05 23:04

02-24-06 22:45   
unable to reproduce on 3.9a7002