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0001251: mouse event focus gets lost with Tweak environment
Essentially, with Tweak active, mouse events only reach the Teapot if the cursor is directly over the croquet window, even if the focus is expected to stick to the window.

This causes some fairly significant user confusion because the state of the mouse buttons is frequently lost.

Compare the behaviour of a TeaTest and a TweakTeapotMorph when you:

1. mouse down to begin driving
2. while driving (mouse still down), drag the cursor out of the croquet window
3. while still outside the window, wiggle th cursor around
4. with mouse still out of window, finally release the mouse button
5. with no buttons pressed, mouse back in to the croquet window

Step 3:
In the TeaTest morph, step 3 results in wiggles to the avatar's driving,
in TweakTeapotMorph, it results in no change to avatar's driving.

Step 4:
In TeaTest, step 4 results in the avatar coming to a stop,
in TweakTeapotMorph, the avatar continues driving.

Step 5:
TeaTest behaves as expected,
TweakTeapotMorph behaves as tho the mouse button were still down, affecting driving.

Another example is dragging around an object in a TEditBox in Tweak.

This is probably a result of the new event handlers installed by #initializeTweakWorld:.

05-24-05 00:12   
Fixed with a Jasmine update.