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1300 Morphic minor always 06-02-05 17:11 07-21-13 03:23
confirmed 3.9  
0001300: ComicSanMS not working
ComicSansMS is listed in the font and style lists but I can't seem to get it to work in either 3.9-6648 or 3.8-6665. Is it perhaps removed from the image but still in the list accidentally?

07-21-13 00:08   
It doesn't actually cause an error report in 4.5-12641 but the font proffered sure as hell ain't actually Comic SansMS but looks quite like bolded BitStreamVeraSans to me.
07-21-13 00:19   
Oh and indeed a quick inspect of TextConstants shows that the TextStyle named ComicSansMS in fact has 5 BitStreamVeraSans fonts, all bolded in sizes 6 9 11 17 & 26. So that's why it looked like that.
What happened to good old comic-sans? How can I write comically insane emails about how I've found a disproof of {choose well-established science here} without it installed properly?
07-21-13 03:23   
I believe that there may be copyright issues with ComicSansMS that prevent it being distributed in the image. Most likely the real ComicSansMS was replaced with a placeholder font for this reason. The font list should probably be updated to reflect this.

Release notes for Squeak 2.0 are at the bottom of this swiki page: [^] Quoting from that page:

"NOTE: The Comic Sans font included in this release is copyright: 1997 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Use is governed by the agreement found at [^]
Copies of this font may not be distributed for profit either on a standalone basis or included as part of your own product. It is our intention to replace this font with a public domain font in the near future."