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1333 Any minor always 06-09-05 16:31 07-25-05 18:56
0001333: VRML importer doesn't handle Transforms properly
This problem has been around for a while, as described on the VRML importer Croquet swiki page. Just thought I would "officially" log it and keep current status here, since I've been looking at it lately.

Transforms actually work properly for indexedMeshes, it's just the primitive geometries like box and cylinder that don't work.

This is also the case for the original Wonderland/Squeak version of the VRML importer that this version was based on, so if I can fix it here, I may be able to fix it there as well.

06-21-05 23:22   
I would be interested in this fix.
07-25-05 18:56   
This was fixed last week for Croquet in the most recent version of the VRMLImporter on SqueakMap, along with some other minor fixes.

The specific Transform problem for geometric primitives was that when the transform was done, somehow it affected the cached versions of the primitives on the class side of B3DIndexedMesh. I needed to build new versions of those methods in order to fix the geometries for Croquet, and in the process omitted the cache, thus fixing the problem but incurring somewhat worse performance for VRML files that contain lots of primitive geometries.