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1367 Any minor always 06-22-05 16:55 06-22-05 21:17
0001367: copying textHolder is broken
a) Copying textHolder from a Player to a Player:

 p := CPlayer open.
 p text := 'hallo'.
 p2 := CPlayer open.
 p2 text := 'foo'.
 p2 textHolder := p textHolder

p2 does not display 'hallo' until for example extent changed'

b) copying textHolder form a Player to an Editor

 p := CPlayer open.
 p text := 'hallo'.
 e := CTextEditor open.
 e text := 'bla'.
 e textHolder := p textHolder.

e does not display 'hallo' until for example extent changed'
and after that, 'bla' and 'hallo' are shown at the same time
and 'bla' is editable.

06-22-05 21:17   
I fixed the cause of the first problem but *not* the second one since it is unclear to me whether accessing the text editor's textHolder that way should be allowed or not. To make the second version work (well, sort of - there are some other issues with it) simply delegate the textHolder messages to the target, e.g.,

  ^target textHolder

CTextEditor>>textHolder: aTextHolder
  ^target textHolder: aTextHolder

I am curious what you need this for, though. I *might* be convinced to add this to CTextEditor in general but I'd like to find out why you think you need it (after all, this might just be a little diversion that may not survive more than a week or so ;-)