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0001369: Can't close watcher
halo (at least for close) or something have to work for watcher.

06-22-05 20:51   
Please describe more accurately what you mean by "you can't close a watcher". When I try, I have no trouble whatsoever closing it. Do you get an error? If so, what does it say?
06-23-05 04:06   
What I mean is:
1. drag value tile from viewer onto world. tile become watcher (right?)
2. hit [X] haro for watcher, but it doesn't work.
   All of halo don't work.

Am I missing something?
06-23-05 04:15   
There are three cases in which this effect might happen none of which is really a bug:
a) You are using an "old" project. Fix: Go back into a Morphic project, create a new one.
b) You are using an "old" project window. Fix: Close the window, create a new one.
c) You are opening a project from the file list (e.g., outside of a project builder). Open the project from the project builder's menu.

a) and b) are most likely since I've changed lots of things and did only the minimum necessary to not entirely break the old project stuff while updating. c) is more interesting but then again, the current division of labour is so that a halo only works in the context of a project builder and the only bug here is that viewers are currently "inside" the project (but this will be solved at some point).