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1372 TrueType minor always 06-23-05 17:20 09-30-13 23:22
0001372: Fonts have invisible characters
Try "(0 to: 255) asByteArray asString" - there are many blank glyphs
related to 0001342assigned tim Support for typographic punctuation is gone 
related to 0001650closed tim [BUG] CharacterScanner primitive is broken; char scanning generally in a mess 

06-23-05 18:10   
I tried this in 3.6, 3.8, and 3.9 and I guess I see what you mean in terms of there always being some ASCII characters that have no glyph, generally those that don't normally have a visual representation. Exactly which ones those are vary somewhat from image to image and in some cases some of those characters have a glyph which is an empty box. Are you just suggesting that that should be more consistently the case? That every character have some glyph even if it is just a box or other character representing the fact that character has no visual representation? I don't think you would want that to be true in many cases though, for example: \n, \r, \f, \t, \b.
06-23-05 19:19   
Yes I'd like to have at least an outlined box for each glyph. Even for those CRs, LFs etc, because normally these are not rendered - the character scanner advances the position instead. It still happens in some circumstances to get a control character into your string, like I pressed enter and got a character of value 3 in the sourcecode and the compiler rightfully complains - but you don't *see* anything wrong.
07-02-05 02:47   
Unprintable characters trouble the compiler.
Some unprintable characters are not 'seen' as blank spaces and when adjacent
to a token, like a selector, they become part of it. This is hard to spot.
07-02-05 11:51   
masm: That is indeed one of the problems. However, there is one legitimate blank character (char value 160), which is the non-breakable space. Not sure how to deal with that. As it happens, Apple Mail uses that character for indentation, so if I copy code from a Mail it won't compile :(
08-28-05 12:58   
It looks like the issue I reported (0001342).

Some glyphs don't have a representation while they should. Check the typographic glyphs; most are gone (). I really miss them.