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0001418: Sub materials are shown in wrong place in TMesh.
Sometimes, sub materials are shown in strange place. For instance, I made a mesh colored red, white, and blue in this order by 3ds max (subMaterialOrigin.png). But the mesh was shown in different order as red, blue, and white (subMaterialResult.png).

I found the cause of the problem is in TMesh>>optimizeFaceGroups. The problem does not happens when I comment out this method. I guess that's why sometimes the order of faceGroups is changed, but the order of faceBuffers is not changed in this message.

I think it is not an ASE specific problem.

The test mesh data is subMaterialTest.ASE, and you can load this mesh to do

| tframe |
tframe := (TLoad3DSMax new initializeWithFileName:
       (FileDirectory pathFromURI: 'subMaterialTest.ASE') scale: 0.1) frame.
CroquetGlobals theTeapotMorph activeCamera root addChild: tframe
 subMaterialTest.ASE [^] (59,979 bytes) 07-07-05 05:23
 subMaterialOrigin.png [^] (3,504 bytes) 07-07-05 05:24
 subMaterialResult.png [^] (20,194 bytes) 07-07-05 05:24

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