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1474 Whisker minor always 07-15-05 18:58 09-20-06 04:17
0001474: [BUG] WhiskerBrowser and updating Categories' order
I don't really know if this really counts as a bug. Certainly I was a bit surprised:

1. Open a WhiskerBrowser.
2. See that the categories/packages aren't alphabetical.
3. Open a Browser.
4. Alphabetize the categories in the Browser (because WhiskerBrowser can't - I don't feel particularly strongly that it should).
5. See that the WB maintains the old order.
6. Hit the update menu item in the WB.
7. See that the order hasn't changed.

07-15-05 18:59   
"Doug Way" <>:

"Actually this problem is covered under the "Known bugs & limitations"
section of the changeset preamble for Whisker 1.01. :-)

"- 'update' menu does not work yet for updating added/removed toplevel
hierarchy items, such as new/deleted class categories"

Basically, it's a limitation with the Squeak hierarchy widget
(SimpleHierarchicalListMorph), it can't really update itself based on
changes in its model. More specifically, it can't update its toplevel
items, I've gotten it to be able to update items lower in the tree.
Part of the problem is that the list of item morphs in
SimpleHierarchicalListMorph is a linked list, when it really ought to be
a tree (makes sense for a tree widget, right?) The hierarchy widget
needs an overhaul in general."
09-20-06 04:17   
I fixed most of the browser updating issues with Whisker 1.1 (on SqueakMap), but it looks like this bug is still there. This might even be the only case where the update doesn't work. Anyway, now that the browser-updating related stuff in Whisker has been cleaned up, this should be easier to fix... I'll try to fix this for the next release.