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0001555: [ENH] for Skiplist
This is an old changeset from 2002 that might be interesting...

Mon Feb 18 08:17:21 CET 2002

This is a ** severe ** refactoring of Skiplists. They are *required* for
Full Text indexing.

If you're using the old skip lists, this changeset will probably do bad
things. You have been warned.

I add comments and make the skiplists act dictionarylike, supporting
key-value and the 'next' operations. They can also act set-like with the
'add' operation. Thus, these skiplists are probably more reusable.

They may be faster than OrderedCollections, so try them out if you don't
like the performance of large OrderedCollections.

This skiplist implementation can handle random inserts into a collection
containing tens of thousands of elements at a rate of .5-2k/sec.

Someone who knows the squeak collections better should try to figure out
whether it should be resubclassed under OrderedCollection or something
 sciplists.cs [^] (7,122 bytes) 07-26-05 21:30

10-07-05 18:11   
in 3.9 for testing