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1764 Traits feature always 09-02-05 22:19 01-08-08 23:41
acknowledged 3.9  
0001764: Browsing references to a trait shows nothing
In OB selecting "references" when a trait is selected gives an empty list. I believe it makes sense to show all classes which use that trait.

09-05-05 06:25   
I consider this a bug. Traits usage is certainly a reference in the sense that a class reference its superclass. So it should definitely be as the report suggests.
09-05-05 15:48   
Yes...just continuing from your thoughts a bit. Browsing references to a class doesn't yield subclasses but noone currently expects it to (since such things are easily found in one spot in a hierarchy browser). However finding all users of a trait has no analog to this currently. My original thought was that "references" makes sense for this purpose. Maybe doing so would be inconsistent with class hierarchies but it seems to me to be simple and obvious. Still, I think we should be ready to answer the question "then why doesn't browsing references to a class include subclasses?". We could avoid this by having a menu item (which only appears for Traits) labeled "users". Then "references" would simply be less useful for traits since they are seldom directly referenced in methods. Anyway, just some thoughts...