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1769 Morphic minor always 09-06-05 22:12 09-06-05 22:12
new 3.9  
0001769: [BUG] Menu for choosing font is giant in case when a TrueType font was generated with large point-sizes.
I was experimenting with true-typed text. During those experiments I have let squeak generate TTF from FreeFont family of size 200 and more points. In squeak, there are some places when use can choose a font while that font with desired size is visualized. For most normal cases this works fine, but it is logical, although ridiculous if the actual point is is 200 or greater. Then the "menu" does not fit on the screen.


The routine which creates the menu shouldn't create "giant" menu-morphs.
This happens in Squeak3.9a-6690.

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