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1774 Morphic minor always 09-07-05 08:31 02-13-06 11:59
closed 3.8  
none 3.9  
0001774: When starting fresh software screen depth is set to 32. This looks ugly if hdwe is set to 16.
To see this set your machine hdwe to 16. Then start a fresh squeak.
Gradients will appear as stripes. Often ugly stripes.
The software dithers at depth 16 to look good at that depth.

I find it reasonalble to run at a hdwe depth of 16 bits and I suspect it improves performance.

Rather that have ugliness when the hdwe and software depths don't match why not just set the intial software depth to what the hdwe is doing at start up time.

10-16-05 23:51   
Not a graphics issue. The policy by which the initial screen depth is chosen lies with Morphic.
02-13-06 11:59   
I don't think we should change it to 16: Who has 16bit screens today?