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0001796: In 6690. It would be nice to have a way to resize just the bottom pane w/o resizing the top.
When the corner resizer adds space to the bottom or right the space is always divided up proportionally between panes.

This almost never matches my intention.
Since I am usually resizing to get a better look one pane ( the bottom or the right.) It would be more correct to add all the space there and adjust the proportionaility s.t. the top or left pane remains a constant size.

When I intend to change the space for the top pane I adjust the bar that splits top from bottom.

[OT] Huzzaah and kudos on the responsiveness of the new panes and widgets. Now squeaks cooking!

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07-21-13 02:50   
Nobody has cared in 8 years, so down the plughole it goes...