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0001807: Error notifier does not open in an MVC project
This is for Squeak 3.9 0006686.
The error notifier does not come up in a MVC project.
To reproduce the problem, do this:
1. Enter an MVC project, open a Workspace
2. Evaluate (-4)sqrt. This statement throws an exception.
3. Nothing happens until you switch back into a Morphic project. As soon as you are in the Morphic project, you will the the error notifier and can open the debugger.
I think the problem is in the method
Debugger class>>openOn:context:label:contents:fullView.

There is a version with label ajh 8/6/2003 and that version works.
The newer version with label md 8/9/2005 does not work. I think that the
WorldState addDeferredUIMessage:

is unsuitable for MVC.
Attached you find a proposal for a fix, but I am really do not know whether this is really a fix or only a hack that might create problems elsewhere. Comments are highly welcome.
 MVC-DebuggerFix.1.cs [^] (2,234 bytes) 09-21-05 22:40

01-20-06 23:37   
fixed in 3.9a6717