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1812 Morphic minor always 09-25-05 05:34 10-09-07 03:24
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0001812: [Bug] Blue button dwon on outer border rim of a polygon will not put halo around the polygon.
For this one
Get a closed polygon.
Adjust the border width so it is large.

Now blue button down on the outer half of the border.
The halo will attach to the world and not the polygon.
If you try it on the inner half of the border then it works.

Now make the polygon to be just two points. It is now all border and no inside. This poly is impossible to add a halo to until it is given a third point and some area.
Whats going on here is that contains point is checking just the interior of the polygon. The border by current design sits half inside and half outside the polygons interior. And the interior goes way entirely when the vertices are in a line.
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