Mantis - Squeak 5.2
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0001819: Installed ttf fonts are not referenced when saving a project
Installing a ttf in an image, using it in text morphs, and saving the project doesn't include the new ttf referenced in the text morphs, and loading the project again in the same image gives a wrong text morph.
To reproduce it:
- Install a ttf font and save the image.
- Create a new morphic project and put some text morph on it.
- Modify the font of some letters in the text morph to use the new installed ttf.
- Save the project
- Delete de project
- Load the project: The new ttf doesn't appear in the project
This is a bug of the squeakland image introduced in the nihongo7Language changeset, in the TTCFont>>objectForDataStream:

Reverting this method to its previous version makes everything work fine when saving the project with the new ttf.

10-07-05 18:48   
Yes, I think this is a bug, too. But probably reverting
TTCFont>>objectForDataStream: is not enough to fix it. DiskProxy is
expected to de-serialize font information by its family name. I guess
it intend not to store whole font glyph into project file.