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215 VM crash always 10-04-04 20:02 01-09-11 22:52
Nick Briggs  
0000215: JPEGReadWriter2Plugin seg faults on SPARC system because 'double' in structure not 8-byte aligned
Attempting to view a web page from the squeak web browser results in a segmentation fault from the Squeak VM.

Ian Piumarta diagnosed the problem (paraphrased):

The plugin code fails to respect the minimum alignment restrictions on the "cinfo" strcture (8-bytes on SPARC because of 'double' members). The glue code for the plugin allocates the space for the struct in a ByteArray, which only guarantees 4-byte alignment, and would be moveable by GC so padding is not a solution to this problem.

If the author of the JPEGReadWriter2Plugin is still around to fix it: the code needs to copy the info structure out of the ByteArray into a local buffer before passing it to the JPEG library routines, and then copy back, if it is modified, on the way out.
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John Thornborrow   
07-24-08 10:58   
I'm experiencing the same symptoms on x86_64 with a 3.10.1 vm. I am unable to confirm if it is the same cause, as I don't know enough about C to even know where to start.