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2155 RemoteFrameBuffer minor always 11-05-05 23:16 09-29-06 11:34
0002155: Client side broken with Squeak 3.8.6667

Squeak VNC Client -> Squeak VNC Server : client displays nothing
X VNC Client -> Squeak VNC Server : ok
Squeak VNC Client -> X VNC Server : ok (!)

tested with Squeak 3.7
Squeak VNC Client -> Squeak VNC Server : ok.

Maybe a problem with RFBSocket (the debugger popped up on this class)
has duplicate 0001747closed  [BUG] RFBClient broken in 3.8 

11-06-05 00:36   
- bug already reported here : [^] (sorry for reporting it again, I made this error and was unable to delete one of this report, maybe a feature to add to allow people to make error and repare it).

- blank windows for the client side
- the debugger popped up, but quite difficult to get a stack trace...
However socketHandle seems to be not defined according to shout :

waitForDataIfClosed: closedBlock
    "Wait indefinitely for data to arrive. This method will block until
    data is available or the socket is closed."

        whileTrue: [
            (self primSocketReceiveDataAvailable: socketHandle)
                ifTrue: [^self].
            self isConnected
                ifFalse: [^closedBlock value].
            self readSemaphore wait].

09-29-06 11:34   
Tested with Squeak 3.8 and 3.9. If I switch off 'render cursor locally' or equivalent setting in VNC client then the above error does not occur.

The above error occurs partly because the remote client is disconnected from the Squeak VNC server i.e. tyhe status of the server socket is 'otherEndClosedButNotThisEnd'.

This behaviour occurs with both RealVNC client and Squeak VNC client.