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2158 Browser minor always 11-08-05 00:09 04-02-06 10:16
closed 3.9  
none 3.9  
0002158: can resize left most pane into negative values
Bring up a browser pane, grab top left right side dot handle to resize the category list. Drag all the way to the left outside of the left system brower window edge, let go. 2nd pange (class names) is now left of sliver of category pane and sticking outside of system browser window. Nice but very confusing... YOu need to look for dark gray dot on light gray background to realize you can grab it and drag to the right to correct things.

OOps quick test shows you can right side of left pane and drag it all the way to the right and outside the right side of the window, mangling the look in that direction too.

04-02-06 10:16