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0002246: Evaluating code and #DoIt/#DoItIn:
Evaluating code might leave a method #DoIt/#DoItIn: within the receiver class, this is not annoying for all the tools that check the presence of such a method but might also confuse beginners that don't know where this method is coming from.

Since the possibility to execute compiled methods within a receiver without actually adding them is possible in Squeak, the attached change-set makes use of the feature. This does not create a method called #DoIt/#DoItIn: and is about twice as fast as the old approach.
See the thread in the mailing-list: "What is this DoItIn: method on my class?"

For a next step we should work trough all the tools in Squeak to remove all the unnecessary checks for #DoIt/#DoItIn:
has duplicate 0002247closed KenCausey Evaluating code and #DoIt/#DoItIn: [^] (1,470 bytes) 11-20-05 21:30

01-27-06 09:24   
This is in 3.9, for some time already (since Traits change?)