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2340 SqueakMap minor always 12-09-05 21:01 12-16-05 21:10
confirmed 3.8  
0002340: [BUG] SMMaintanableObject needed for 3.7 and 3.8 + classVersion problem

1. Open SqueakMap Package Loader through the menu
2. Choose let me find a conversion...
3. No for the debugger (UndefinedObject>#classVersion)

These bugs are not critical, but could confuse squeak newbies.

12-09-05 21:20   
For Squeak 3.6, all is ok. SqueakMap loads fine.
12-12-05 08:51   
This happens when you are running multiple images in the same directory and one of them has been upgraded to 2.1. When the next image tries to upgrade it first syncs with disk - and tries to load a new 2.1-shaped ImageSegment... ooops.

Unfortunately I haven't come up with a good solution for this because IIRC it happens before the upgrade mechanism kicks in. Hmmm, well, now when I think about it I could change the extension for the imagesegment in 2.1, but since people have already upgraded it will get pretty confusing... Well, I am all ears. :)

Here is the "manual solution" though, execute the following:

SMSqueakMap bootStrap
12-16-05 21:10   
Well, I used to play with 3.6/7/8 to know if the same software loads and works fine between the images. So this bug seems to be not critical since I manage to do my testings ; but SMSqueakMap is important and must work fine for a reasonable bunch of different image versions. So maybe just a version test running "SMSqueakMap bootStrap" would be fine ?