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2345 MVC major always 12-10-05 15:55 02-15-06 21:07
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0002345: Cannot open Workspace from world menu in MVC
"Workspace open" works fine, but opening a Workspace from the world menu in MVC does nothing at all.
The problem is present in Squeak3.9a-6705, and not in Squeak3.9a-6695, so it entered some time after the MC1 change set.
has duplicate 0002443closed  It is not possible to open Workspace in MVC 
 MVCUIManagerMissingMethods-dtl.1.cs.gz [^] (612 bytes) 12-10-05 23:34

12-10-05 23:36   
This appears to be just some missing (not yet implemented?) methods in MVCUIManager. I uploaded MVCUIManagerMissingMethods-dtl.1.cs.gz which adds the missing method, plus a couple of #notYetImplemented methods to mark two other missing implementations that could cause problems later on.

Maybe someone is already working on this, if so just disregard this.
12-11-05 06:27   
I've added you as a developer at Feel free to commit these changes directly to the repository.
12-12-05 12:45   
Thanks, I added the changes to ToolBuilder-MVC on squeaksource.
12-13-05 00:01   
Did my own implementation that doesn't use Workspace - one of the idea of ToolBuilder is to help us get rid of the old stuff ;-).

Patch is in ToolBuilder-MVC-CdG.9 which is in my local package-cache pending confirmation by Andreas that he doesn't want/need to be involved in ToolBuilder patching...
12-13-05 00:52   
Copied patch to
12-13-05 12:11   
Cees, your #edit:label:accept: opens a StringHolder rather than a Workspace, which means that e.g. workspace variable bindings do not work. Not Good.

Also FYI, I gummed up the works here by loading ToolBuilder-MVC-dtl.12 after ToolBuilder-MVC-ar.8 (because I entered wrong SqueakSource authentication several times). This messes up your ToolBuilder-MVC-CdG.9 version in the MC browser. Sorry about that.

Right now, ToolBuilder-MVC-dtl.12 shows up as the most recent version in MC. This version does work.
02-15-06 21:07   
in 3.9a