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2405 Morphic minor always 12-24-05 02:48 05-31-07 00:01
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0002405: Narrow Round rectangles leave glitches on screen when moved.
For this one:

From the parts bin get a round rectangle.
With halo growth handle make it narrow ( 0 width or heigth works for this).

Pick it up with the cursor and move it.

the corners leave artifacts on the screen as the rectangle is being moved.

Makes kind of a nice pen.
The parts bin rectangle has a translucent color. That adds to the visibility of the glitches during movement. If I make the color a solid color the glitches confine themselves to the place where the rectangle is picked up and do not appear while moving.

Nor do the artifacts appear if the rectangle is rotated via the blue handle.

This is just another in the menagerie of strange results with translucent blending.

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