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2536 Morphic tweak always 01-20-06 10:08 01-20-06 10:08
new 3.9  
0002536: Morph>>morphicLayerNumberWithin: ignores subclasses hardcoded layer numbers
said method only returns the owners layer number, the layer number stored in the morphicLayerNumber property or the default value 100. This method is only used in Morph>>addMorphInFrontOfLayer:. A lot of subclasses of Morph like FlapMorph and BalloonMorph hardcode a morphic layer number and returns it from #morphicLayerNumber without bothering to set the property to their hard coded value. When change the #morphicLayerNumberWithin: sends to #morphicLayerNumber calls everything seems to work.
I have attached a small changeset that changes #morphicLayerNumberWithin: sends to #morphicLayerNumber sends.
 Morphic-acon.60.1.cs [^] (1,137 bytes) 01-20-06 10:08

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