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2669 Hedgehog major always 02-04-06 01:00 02-05-06 04:38
0002669: TSpinner problems
When creating a structure like here:
It seems like one cannot select a point on the spinner (the little cube is invisible) and the rotation code fails due to "event selection point" being nil. [^] (5,651 bytes) 02-05-06 04:00

02-04-06 03:53   
This was fixed. Probably introduced the problem when I refactored it.
02-05-06 03:56   
There seem to be more problems here. Greg just showed me some code (I'll attach it as soon as I have a copy) where picking the object shows the little cube in a completely wrong place and 9 out of ten times trying to rotate the object does nothing.
02-05-06 04:38   
Bear in mind that the TSpinner does not work properly if it and its content frames do not completely correspond. That is, if the content frame or other child frame has a non-identity transform, the TSpinner will not perform properly. This is because it actually refers to "self" for determining transforms, etc - where in fact it should be using the current TXSelection frame. This usually works OK if the transforms of the object owner (the TSpinner frame) and the contents correspond, which they usually do. To fix this, it is necessary to transform the point which is provided in the frame local coordinates, into the self local coordinates (simple matrix transform), which will make everything pretty again. I can leave this as a simple exercise in first year math... or I can fix it.