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0002692: "show bytecodes" in Workspace not working
After selecting code in Workspace window, opening pop-up menu and selecting "show bytecodes" the window will just flash.

Called method #showBytecodes from class StringHolder contains comment "We don't know how to do this" and flashes the window.
Working implementation is in CodeHolder class, but Workspace is inheriting from StringHolder.

Implementing this functionality doesn't look so simple compared to removing "show bytecodes" item from Workspace menu (I personally prefer the later option).
has duplicate 0005232closed  Using 'show bytecodes' in workspace causes DNU notifier 

02-08-06 21:48   
I would claim that this is a sideeffect of some UI mistakes; a workspace shouldn't have items like 'show bytecodes', 'pretty print' and so on in its menu(s).

 A Workspace is not a part of a browser and shouldn't be treated as one. In the old days (cue violin music in the background, flickering lights from tallow candels and scratchy voice effects) a text pane interected with the application using it to decide on the menu to use. This meant the same class of textpane could appear multiple ways (imagine - polymorphism in visible use!) and be used as a nice clean text editing tool or a full-on code tool component.