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2913 Compiler major always 02-18-06 19:48 02-18-06 20:49
closed 3.9  
none 3.9  
0002913: MessageNotUnderstood: ByteSymbol>>methodDict
1. I created a clean Squeak directory, only VM, sources, and Squeak3.9a-6727.image and changes, without a sm subdirectory.
2. Open a transcript.
3. Open SqueakMap Package Loader.
4. Answer Yes when being asked whether to upgrade to 2.1.
5. SqueakMap shows an error message.
6. I answered Yes when asked whether to open a debugger.
7. A debugger opens: MNU: SystemDictionary>>logChange:
8. I selected fullStack from the context menu.
9. Another debugger comes up: MNU: ByteSymbol>>methodDict
10. I selected fullStack from the first debugger.
11. A third debugger comes up: Error: attempt to index non-existent element in an ordered collection.
 SqueakDebug ByteSymbol dNU methodDict.log [^] (3,543 bytes) 02-18-06 19:48
 SqueakDebug attempt to index non-existent element in an ordered collection.log [^] (2,370 bytes) 02-18-06 19:49

02-18-06 20:49   
I will release a 6729 tonight, the compiler (actualy: CompiledMethod) related bug has been fixed there (just tested).