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3076 Hedgehog minor always 02-24-06 00:07 03-14-06 07:17
0003076: Can only pick through the nearest portal
If there are multiple portals in a space, you can only interact through the nearest one. It doesn't matter whether the portals are mirrors or open into another space. It also doesn't matter how far away is the object you are trying to interact with, only the distance to the portal.
 FixOnlyFrontPortalPick.1.cs.gz [^] (1,999 bytes) 02-28-06 16:54

02-28-06 16:28   
The global position of the picking ray changes depending on whether the portal you're picking through is frontmost or not. This was observed in TRay>>pointerPick: when picking the portal (TPortal>>portalPick:).

My hypothesis is that the ray's globalTransform is not being reset properly when iterating through the portals in TSpace>>renderSpace:port:depth:ghostFrame:.

This may have something to do with bug 0002673.
02-28-06 17:00   
The uploaded changeset (FixOnlyFrontPortalPick.1.cs.gz) appears to fix this problem. It ensures that the eventPointer is properly reset before #portalPick: is called. More detail in the changeset preamble.

This is only one way to fix the problem; I leave it to DAS to decide the ultimate form of the fix.

It appears that this bug is unrelated to 0002673.
03-14-06 07:17   
This seems to be fixed now, is it?