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3216 Morphic minor always 03-02-06 22:36 07-22-13 02:32
new 3.9  
0003216: Typing Cmd-k while over the world is frustratingly and confusingly context sensative.
In a fresh Squeak 7004.

Put the mouse of a clear spot on world desktop. Type Cmd-k
A workspace comes up.
Type it again. Another workspace.
Now move the cursor over one of the workspaces and move it back to its original spot.
Type Cmd-k. Instead of a workspace a font type menu pops up.
This is annoying.

I haven't looked at the code. But it would seem that leaving a window morph should clear the keyboard focus so that the font menu does not come up out of context.

03-19-06 02:59   
Some clues and analysis.

There are two aspects to this annoyance.
Cmd-k means one thing when the world has the focus and another when TextMorph/Textmorph for edit view has focus.

A text morph in an active window gets focus on mouseEnter but does not release it on mouse exit.

It is not possible to tell by cursor position whether the world or a recently active textmorph has the focus.

The text morph retaining the focus has the benifit that typing will go into the last active paragraph. That is a GOOD thing IMHO.

So the problem will have to be solved or not by binding the opening of a workspace to some other gesture. Or something else that does not permanently affect focus.

Note that moving over a PLM from a TextMorph will change the focus. And moving from the PLM to the world will nil out the focus.

This seems inconsistant with the TextMorph retaining the focus. And I would consider that inconsistency a bug or at least a mal feature. It prevents the user from achieving a useful model of whats going on in their head. What happens all depends on what path the mouse has taken.

That's all for now.
07-22-13 02:32   
I agree it is poor UI practice.