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3280 Hedgehog feature always 03-09-06 22:03 03-09-06 22:03
0003280: overloaded use of snapshot -- use landmark?
We use the term 'snapshot' for two very different purposes:

1. A user-visible designation of a postcard (a world/space/viewpoint combination), through which the user can observe the LIVE goings-on of the designated scene, and through which the user can jump to that scene.

2. An image of island memory at a frozen moment of time used for synching, caching, and potentially for out-of-Croquet storage.

We should use two different terms. I think the term "snapshot" is appropriate for 0000002, but doesn't really fit the dynamic nature of #1. The name 'landmark' has been suggested by our users for #1.
At UW, we have two groups of actual users of Dormouse, which makes 0000002 apparent to end-users by giving them a chance to save a snapshot of a world to disk for offline use later, or to twin a world to work on privately. It was these users who complained to me about the overloading of the term snapshot.

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