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330 Any major always 10-11-04 16:17 06-19-05 04:52
0000330: Mouse leave events missing
"Will not return to black when list was clicked"
p := CDropDownList open.
p startScript: [p borderColor: Color red] when: #mouseEnter.
p startScript: [p borderColor: Color black] when: #mouseLeave.
has duplicate 0001106resolved  No mouse leave events when dragging 

05-11-05 16:34   
I think I tracked down what happens:

The raw enter and leave events are actually generated - the code in in CMouseOverHandler is virtually bullet-proof. But, the regular mouseEnter / mouseLeave events are suppressed when the player does not have the mouse focus (CPrimCostume>>handleMouseLeave:). Now this is fine for enter events, but we would need corresponding leave event when the mouse focus changes.

I just posted a workaround, which is to suppress only enter events, but not leave events. So you might get leaves without enters, but that's much better than getting enter events not followed by a leave.

The Right Thing To Do would be to synthesize leave and enter events when the focus changes ...
05-11-05 19:37   
Oh well - my fix (which was taking out the mosueFocus check in CPrimCostume>>handleMouseLeave:) broke the menu bar which relies on the broken behavior ... I retracted it, we'll have the fix menu bars first.
06-04-05 08:29   
I have committed a temporary workaround which will make the menus work after such a change to mouseLeave handling. HOWEVER, having tried it afterwards I don't think this is the issue. I was easily able to keep the spinner button for numeric tiles open even after moving out of the input field.
06-19-05 04:52   
Fixed (finally!).