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3401 Kernel minor always 03-30-06 12:37 03-30-06 21:14
new 3.8  
0003401: Implementing Class>>= causes strangeness.
If you implement Class>>= (i.e. the "=" method on "Class"), even as an empty method or with a "self halt.", the image behaves weirdly. It consumes 100% CPU and either becomes non-responsive or sluggish depending on what implementation you give this method.

Implementing "=" as "self == anotherClass" works okay.

I'm not sure if this is an authentic bug, so the priority is "low". I had a need for an "=" method on Class for testing, but "equals:" is acceptable for my needs.

I would like to know why this happens. Using "self halt." doesn't work, and searching for senders of "=" is pointless. Ideas?

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