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3476 major always 04-18-06 08:29 04-18-06 09:08
Greg Davidson  
0003476: Network access from Squeak3.8 on Linux fails due to bogus proxy in image file
(1) When I try to search for updates, Squeak says that all of the update servers are down and lists them all by name (about 5 of them).

(2) When I try to access the software map or a specific project with Scamper, it says that the site is down, when it's not (I checked with my regular browser). Big clue: It says it's trying to use as a proxy. is embedded in the file Squeak3.8-6665full.image and is indeed unreachable.

Greg Davidson   
04-18-06 09:08   
I fixed the problem with:

HTTPSocket stopUsingProxyServer.

but how one would figure that out (or how I did) is a mystery to me!