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Greg Davidson  
0003479: Can't seem to copy text from various browsers
One can highlight text in the
  SqueakMap browser text pane
  Scamper Browser
  Book browser (that thing which the 'Introduction to Smalltalk' is in)
but there is no obvious way to copy it.
  Middle-click on my Linux system gives a Copy action from a workspace or the
various welcome and other text windows, but not from these other browsers.
  Are users supposed to carefully retype text they can see but not copy?
  Is there some hidden and special way to copy selected text?
Squeak 3.8 on SuSE Linux 10.0 on my 2-button notebook PC where middle-click on selected text normally gives a menu with "copy" as an option.

I am trying to learn Smalltalk from the latest Squeak3.8 - I had just started to explore Squeak3.6 before I upgraded and I'm truly regretting it. Squeak3.8 seems to be seriously flawed for someone like me who is trying to learn.

04-19-06 06:59   
Hi Greg,
Good find.

I'm doing my squeaking on a Mac, so I've get somewhat different results (Cmd-c will always copy selected text and then I can paste it to a workspace with the option -click menu or Cmd-v)

If there are default commands in Linux for copying and pasting you might try them.

What I tried and found specifically did not work was

From a fresh Sq3.8-6555Full
click on the intro to squeak project. ( Squeak switched to the project)
Select the text from the book.
press option-click. (No menu comes up contrary to expectation.)
press cntl-click (The control menu comes up. BUT the text selection goes away.)
Selecting copy to clipboard from the control menu (does not change the previous selection.)
Open a workspace.
Over the work space press option-click. (Option menu comes up)
Press paste. (Previous selection is placed.)

I can go over to the book morph.
Select text.
Type Cmd-c. (And this will fill the clipboard with the selected text.)
Then the text can be pasted to the workspace with the option menu::paste command as described above.

So probably the text morph needs to be fixed to allow the option menu to work.

Query: Is there a Cmd-c like work around on Linux or Windows?

I didn't try other cases.

Thanks greg for reporting this. Finding ways to break squeak (and reporting it) is a useful contribution.

Part 2
Analysis, what's the difference.

iInspecting the text in the intro book and in the workspace the difference that causes the difficulty is that the book uses text in a TextMorph
while the workspace uses the text in a TextForEditView.
The latter looks for yellow button pressed ( I.e. option-mouseDown) and directs it to its editview #yellowButtonAction:shiftPressed: which pops up the edit menu. The former doesn't have an editView state. and on mouseDown ignores the option key (or the fact that the yellow not red button was pressed.)

Can the textmorphs used for those things greg has described as troublesome be replaced with TextMorphs for edit view?