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3491 Tools minor always 04-21-06 18:34 04-25-06 14:23
new 3.8  
0003491: Running a class test case pollutes changes log with #defaultAction
The method ClassTestCase >> #resumeFromDeprecatedMethods: recompiles or demoves Deprecation >> #defaultAction. This pollutes the current change set. This bug may only manifest itself if the preference showDeprecationWarnings is off.

resumeFromDeprecatedMethods: autoResume
    "If true, make the default action for all Deprecation warnings to resume"

    | da |
        ifTrue: [Deprecation compiledMethodAt: #defaultAction ifAbsent:
                    [ Deprecation
                        addSelector: #defaultAction
                        withMethod: (Notification >> #defaultAction) ] ]
        ifFalse: [da _ Deprecation compiledMethodAt: #defaultAction ifAbsent: [].
                da == (Notification >> #defaultAction)
                    ifTrue: [ Deprecation basicRemoveSelector: #defaultAction] ]
I'm not clear if the right fix here is to turn off event reporting during the recompile, or to avoid the recompile altogether (by testing autoresume in the defaultAction?). Someone who knows about the deprecation machinery ought to look at this.

04-25-06 14:23   
I fixed that in 3.9 by removing the drecation - disable/enable stuff... I move the report to the 3.8 mantis