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3524 Any minor always 05-02-06 01:51 05-03-06 04:14
0003524: World paste-up can lose sensitivity to left-click.
After you use the (middle or right, depending on prefs) blue button
to bring up the halo on the background (world) PasteUpMorph,
and then click again to clear the halo,
it often becomes unresponsive to normal left-button clicks
(no world menu) until first you click somewhere in an open window.

Not major, but possibly confusing for newcomers.

05-03-06 04:14   
See Mantis 0002496 for related squeak bug, analysis and a fix.
Also see Sq3.9a-7025 PasteupMorph>>mouseDown.

Look at the versions of this.

I made a fix to this and apparently so did dgd.
  Both seem to remove the symptom.

The two fixes are in confilct since I preposed mine before the smalland stuff was integrated. I just found this out so I haven't had a chance to look into it yet.

I leave you to sort what of all this is relevent to Croquet.

P.S. I had a chance to look just enough into dgd methods to realize he has handled the conflict. He did this by redefining removeHalo for HandMorph so it "shakes off" the halo too. That works.