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3526 Morphic crash always 05-03-06 11:01 07-15-06 18:01
closed 3.9  
none 3.9  
0003526: DNU when detaching a submenu
#argumentOrNil is sent in method MenuMorph>>detachSubMenu: to the hand but HandMorph DNU this message (there is no implementor at all in the image)

To reproduce: 3.9alpha#7027
- activate "show main docking bar" in the world context menu
- select the halo of the first menu morph (on the left, the one with the mouse) and drag it out of the docking bar onto the desktop
- now select "detach submenu" from the morphs halo menu (using the red halo button)
- it crashes with a DNU

may be the same problem as [^] [^] (700 bytes) 05-05-06 16:29

05-04-06 18:05   
This is not related to 0003505, but historical one:
Even Squeak 3.7/3.8 also don't have implementation for #argumentOrNil.
a possible easy (but ugly) fix would be to just remove the menu...
05-05-06 17:00   
I did retrieval on old releases. #argumentOrNil come up first in 3.3a-4891 but as unresolved.
That image has another obsolete implementation for #detachSubMenu: without dependency upon #argumentOrNil . That code is attached as Functionality seems different from current code, but at least it works.
This is another possibility for fix if we really need "detach submenu".
07-15-06 18:01