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3590 Morphic tweak N/A 05-10-06 05:08 08-22-07 03:47
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0003590: Hopefully small feel improvements to the IDE, plus reversal of coloring of active/inactive system window stripes
A well-intentioned attempt (I know just enough about Squeak to be dangerous) to clean up some feel problems with the tools that seem to haunt my desktop, and a small tweak to system window stripe coloring.

The feel change uses #mouseOverForKeyboardFocus to limit when a mouse over of a list grabs keyboard focus. It seems to work, but I could easily be missing something.

The system window coloring change reverses the active/inactive color scheme, making the active window the strongly colored one vs. having many strongly colored inactive ones.
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child of 0005124new  SystemWindows is ripe for a refactoring. 
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10-15-06 22:48   
This looks like a step in the right direction, however there is one problem that should be addressed before this is made the default behavior. At the moment, this changeset does two things:

- If you move the mouse out of a text pane, the keyboard focus still stays in that text pane (good).
- If you move the mouse out of a text pane and then click the mouse in a list pane in the same window, the keyboard focus still stays in the original text pane (bad). It seems to not be possible to get keyboard focus into the list pane (for arrowing up and down through the list), unless you completely reset things by bringing up a different window.

If we could fix that, and then also add the capability to use something like ctrl-tab to change keyboard focus from pane to pane, then we'd be in business. :-)

At that point, we might have to make mouseOverForKeyboardFocus true by default, if the new behavior was too unfamiliar for old-time Squeak users. Or not. But in any case, it would be good to have mouseover consistently have no effect when mouseOverForKeyboardFocus is false.

10-16-06 04:51   
Excellent point. I will see what I can do. If any Morphic experts care to waive a quick hand (pun intended) to fix it, I will not take offense. Otherwise, I will be working on it. -- Bill