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360 Any minor always 10-13-04 06:16 11-19-04 16:17
0000360: rotated morph rendering error
Take a ruler morph. size it to be even by odd or odd by even leave the border width one.
With the halo handles rotate it by 90 degrees. The left or bottom of the border will disappear.
What is desired is that borders stay intact on rotation.
This is a fence post error. Warp bit is trying to render a morph with its origin at half point boundry in either x or y. It does its best but it just can't handle it.

This has been around a long time. It lessens the value of Squeak as a drawing tool. It should be eliminated.

Possible solutions.
 1) The Rendering morph should "even up" the rendered original by adding a row or column of transparent pixels to the top or left so it is rotating an even by even image.

2) The bugs in reference point should be fixed.
An integerPoint should be returned as a reference.
(I'm not sure this would be correct in all circumstances but in many it would be)

3) Some one might have another bright idea.

Also needed.
A test to see if future squeaks have this bug.

has duplicate 0002259new  [Fix] Better fix for Mantis 0000360 rotated morph rendering error. 
 FixWarp-ar.1.cs [^] (1,809 bytes) 10-18-04 09:51
 RulerTiltInpected.gif [^] (19,408 bytes) 10-24-04 02:53

10-24-04 02:54   
wiz: I tried FixWarp-ar.1.cs and tested it lightly.
The attached gif is the worst I could get the test to look.
11-19-04 16:17   
Update 6461