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3614 Hedgehog minor always 05-13-06 03:57 07-20-06 20:18
0003614: TDragCube has odd behavior under Tweak
To duplicate this problem, add the following two lines to SimpleDemoWorld>>#initialize and then start up the SimpleDemo (Master).

    frame := TDragCube new setColor: Color red.
    space addChild: frame.

When the first pointerMove event occurs, the TDragCube suddenly jumps down and to the right of where it should be, and then back, and the avatar's ray does not track to the TDragCube properly while moving.
This could be related to 0003613.
related to 0003613new  pointerUp: and pointerDown: have different selection point values from each other when under Tweak 

05-13-06 11:56   
Just a curiosity: If you toggle FullScreen the problem doesn't occur.
05-13-06 20:38   
This seems to be partially fixed by the fix to the related 3613. However, the ray is still not tracking properly, and the shift-drag behavior is still not right.
05-15-06 20:29   
It looks like the CroquetParticipant>>#mouseOver: method is what (rootly) causes the pointer and (possibly) avatar head to get updated, and the CroquetParticipantWithMenu>>#initializeTweakWorld:withWorldPlayer: method does not replicate mouseOver events into Tweak. There is also no script/method #onMouseOver: to handle them. Is the mix of Morphic and Tweak events causing a problem here?

Not sure how this is supposed to happen.
07-20-06 20:18   
It appears that CroquetSource package Croquet-Harness-bgf.100.mcz fixes this, so this can be closed.