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3690 Morphic trivial always 05-21-06 20:27 07-14-06 12:17
Tom Koenig  
closed 3.9  
none 3.9  
0003690: CircleMorph has inimplemented message sends
You may want to check with Ned Konz but...the motivation for this cs is trying to remove failing test cases in 3.9 7029. CircleMorph endShapeWidth: calls: lineAttachmentOffset: lineAttachmentOffset neither of which is implemented. A little poking around showed that endShapeWidth: also called super endShapeWidth: which doesnt exist.

Thinking about it, conceptually Circle has no endShape (its a closed rather than open shape.) The related methods seemed to be borrowed from PolygonMopht which has open and closed forms. So I looked to remove the unused methods rather than implementing this odd functionalitly.

Wrote a a basic sunit test just to be give some confidence in the remaining behavior.
 CircleMorphFixes.1.cs.gz [^] (768 bytes) 05-21-06 20:27

07-14-06 12:17