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3756 Hedgehog feature always 06-01-06 17:09 06-01-06 17:09
0003756: standarize network XDR
There are several low-level places in the code of both the kernel and advanced applications where data is serialized "by hand" to put on the wire. (Look for places where a TDatagram is being assembled or interpreted at the other end.)

This code often uses code like:
  data unsignedLongAt: 5 put: (aFloat basicAt: 2) bigEndian: true.

As the technology matures and the number of separately working coders increases, it will become more important to have a standardized library for representing data on the wire.
(Yes, I got bit by this, so I'm grumpy. Would you believe that getting the endianness wrong can give you a "Space is low" error?!)

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