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3783 Monticello major always 06-08-06 06:30 06-08-06 06:30
assigned 3.9  
0003783: [RFE] MC needs to encourgage the accumulation of the complete change log in the most recent versions
When storing a new version MC prompts for the changes with an essentially blank comment.

As a result each version is saved with only the incremental change commented. To get the full list of all changes one must find the full repository and check each version for its personal history.

In practice this is too much work to do on a daily basis.

If MC should instead prompt with the log from the previous version prefaced by a suitable time/author/version stamp.

The most recent version would have all the relevant information.

The users will find it invaluable.
Especially for alpha and beta versions.

And a developer coming back to a project after time off on something else will bless you no end.

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