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384 Jasmine major always 10-14-04 08:36 10-18-04 18:50
0000384: Big TMorphMonitor bug when a dialog is popped up
In any of the Croquet windows that have 2d squeak content in them (e.g., Chess, Scampers, etc.), this bug occurs. If any action is performed that results in a dialog being brought up, the entire Croquet TeapotMorph starts behaving strangely: (1) the world no longer redraws when idle, but only when you are moving; (2) the UI buttons don't work [e.g., exit from the ButtonOverlay]; (3) portals don't work. Middle-clicking (sorry, which color is that?) to bring up halos allows me to destroy the space, and problems are gone in a new instance of TeapotMorph.
I haven't checked, but I believe the 2d windows in question are using TMorphMonitor to draw in Croquet-land. One sure-fire way to get this bug to appear for me is to go Underwater and click on the menu-button in the upper-right corner of either of the scamper-browser windows. Another is to go to Chess, pop up a World menu inside it, and click on an action that puts up a dialog, such as "Save as..."

10-14-04 20:28   
Doesn't happen with every dialog for me.
The scamper menu button will trigger the bug, open... file and help... about in the world menu will too. But for example the other dialogs which can be opened from the open.. menu come up without problem.

All other symptoms are the same.

This is on winxp / nvidia ge5200fx (not so current drivers) with the squeak version that was included with jasmine.
10-18-04 17:41   
Fixed in latest updates (for 0000400), probably change set 81. Thanks!