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johnycsh Mac  
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0000389: [Mac] 3button mouse acts like 1button mouse
In any of the teapot demons on my powerbook i have the following mouse-button mappings. I am using a 3button mouse and have squeak.ini configured as such, though changing it seemed to make no difference.

Left-Button: Click on objects.
Option-Left-Button: move around
Left-Button: Bring up transparent menu window
Right-Button: Move the windows around inside of squeak.

I'm filing this as a bug because i dont think this is the behavior you want. I assumed you would want the same interface you have when i run a teapot demo on a windows machine.

Also, that transparent window that pops up when i accidentally left click on nothing takes about 2 seconds to load. I like the stuff in it but its not the kind of thing i would be prone to use that often. Considering how often i accidentally miss what im clicking on (and consequintally have to pause for two seconds to close the menu) i think it would be a good idea to make it accessible by some other means.
Always happens

10-14-04 19:31   
Squeak.ini is only used by the Windows VM. The Unix VM has a command line option to swap the buttons. The Macintosh VM does not provide a similar thing. You should nag the Mac VM maintainer. Buying him a beer may help.
You might try the Unix VM which will work on OS X, too.
And, as a workaround, you can swap the mouse buttons in the image (help-preferences-general-swapMouseButtons).