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0000394: Problems connecting with peers
I had two strange problems trying to connect two machines. One was a Powerbook G4, and the other one a linux PC. Croquet works fine on both in standalone mode.
I will refer to opening the TConnectionDialog, setting names and options and clicking connect as "connecting".
So, in the first intents, the pc croquet froze whenever the two machines were connecting, whichever tried to connect first. Ths happened when croquet trieed to play the "connected" sound; my avatar never appeared on the mac croquet. The problem was that I had no /dev/dsp on my pc.
So I loaded the missing modules (oss emulation by alsa), and repeated the experiment.
Now the machines connect, they both emit the "connected" sound, and the mac croquet sees my avatar, it can see me moving and interacting with the world. But the pc croquet doesn't see the other avatar, and got very choppy, pausing for a few seconds every few seconds...

10-19-04 02:52   
Not enough information to really point to anything except from the sound issue (which is a no-fix problem; this is the 21st century and we do expect people to have working sound drivers).