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3973 Tools minor always 06-30-06 20:47 06-30-06 23:10
0003973: illegible labels in ArchiveViewer
When I open a zip from a FileList2 I get an ArchiveViewer
where the labels of the buttons use a textstyle
See attached gif.
In order to fix it, I changed
          TextStyle knownTextStylesWithoutDefault do:
          TextStyle defaultFamilyNames do:
 ArchiveViewerUglyButtons.gif [^] (6,921 bytes) 06-30-06 20:47

06-30-06 21:00   
It would help if you could provide more information about the environment in which you see this. It looks fine to me in 3.9b-7033 on Linux. Have you loaded anything into this image? If so have you checked it in a clean image?
06-30-06 21:20   
I run the above on WinXP (it was also occurring on WinNT)
using a clean Croquet(Hedgehog) SDK 1.0. image.
I re-tested on WinXP with Squeak 3.9a-7005 and
3.8-6665full and it does not happen: the text style used here
is BitStreamVersSans because Window Font is not loaded (I guess).
Unfortunatelly I do not know when/how WindowFont is loaded into the system.

Hedgehog seems to start from [^]
(you can see it if you load .../deployment/Homebase.image + other hacks)

06-30-06 23:10   
If I understand correctly you are seeing this in a Croquet image, not a Squeak image. Since Croquet is a derivative over which we have no direct control I don't think this is a valid Squeak bug report but instead needs to be reported to the Croquet development team. Would you agree?

For the moment I'm going to assume you do and move this issue to the Croquet project on this Mantis server. In the future when you find an issue in Croquet you probably want to start by checking the most recent released Squeak image and see if the issue occurs there as well. If so then do as you did here and report the bug under the Squeak project. If not then report it under the Croquet project. (In case you aren't aware of it note that at the top right of all Mantis pages there is a drop-down list labelled 'Project:' where you can change projects.)