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400 Jasmine major always 10-16-04 05:06 10-19-04 09:07
0000400: Selecting a morphic menu item inside a TWindow freezes Morphic project
To Reproduce:
- Go to either the car etoy window, or the chess game.
- Bring up the world menu.
- Select any item (I was trying to change projects)

TWindow will become unresponsive to your pointer, in BOTH windows.

10-18-04 05:34   
This is a larger problem than just the menus inside a Morphic project. To reproduce another scenario:

- Open a morphic code browser using the Croquet popup icons, bottom right icon.
- pick a method, and type in a comment, such as "comment"
- One problem is that there is no way to save this code change, because the menu to accept the change cannot be accessed. However, the big problem is that the morphic project, all TWindow halos, and the Croquet left mouse popup will now be completely unresponsive.
10-18-04 07:50   
This should be fixed with the latest updates.
10-19-04 08:12   

The behavior is much improved, but there is still a problem. To reproduce:

- Go to the car demo
- Pop up the World menu, and switch to the "Fun With Music" project.
- The project will come up now, this part is fixed.
- In the top left Morph, try to press the "play" button. All morphs in the project are unresponsive, and the music can't be played.

Hint: I have the old copy of Croquet, and this works fine in the old version. The morphs step, and I get music playing in the speakers. In the new version, it seems like the project may not be getting a #startStepping call, or something like that, when it needs one.
10-19-04 09:07   
This should now be okay as well - the problem originated from routing the events to the previous project's hand which had some "interesting" effects ;-)